Friday, February 13, 2009


If Gerald Laird, pictured here on card number 23 of the 2009 Topps set, were still with the Rangers he would be reporting to Spring Training tomorrow. Gotta love the anticipation as pitchers and catchers show up and start to get ready for the upcoming campaign.

RWH over at I Heart Halos has already reported in with an outstanding and unanticipated package. I had contacted him to see if he was interested in trading a Josh Hamilton card he had posted. He replied that he would just send me the card. Very thoughtful. I expected an envelope and toploader. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when a large envelope arrived from RWH. Inside was a plastic case containing today's card along with 17 others. A nice variety of Pudge cards I didn't have, my first 2009 Rangers cards, and both Pudge and Rangers game-used cards. Also included was a nice note threatening me with future generosity and wishing the Rangers well against Seattle and Oakland. Wow! RWH came to town with his A game. Now I gotta try and work up a return package that comes somewhat close. Thanks RWH!

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RWH said...

I'm glad they found a good home. It gave me a reason to stop destroying Teixeira cards, now they can sent off in one piece to you.