Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1988 Classic - Pete Incaviglia.

Still not a whole lot going on in Major League Baseball. Still a lot of significant free agents out there with only a few days left until Spring Training kicks off. Things could get interesting.

Seeing as it is a somewhat slow day, I have decided to give Classic trivia another whirl. Today's questions come from card number 177 in the 1988 set, Pete Incaviglia. Here they are:
1. (T-F) Dwight Gooden led the Mets in wins in 1987?
2. What Hall of Famer was referred to as "Rube"?
3. Who holds the MLB record for career RBI?
4. What was Hank Aaron's last year in the Majors?
5. (T-F) The Texas Rangers are in the N.L.?

Ok, got some pretty easy ones this time. Please feel free to post your answers as comments.


Rod (Padrographs) said...

1. True
2. Rube Waddell
3. Barry Bonds
4. 1976
5. False

All off the top of my head, no googling. Wonder how I did. Thanks for the package.

night owl said...

I'm going to do this without any research, too (too lazy):

1. False
2. Rube Marquard
3. Hank Aaron
4. 1976
5. I'm sure they've wished they were in the National League a few times, but false.

Spiff said...

Thanks for the responses guys, I posted the answers in today's post. You both did very well. I am very impressed at 80% for both of you with no research. I will try and post some more trivia at some point. If participation continues I will look at adding prizes.